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**Must place order of 6 or more of any variety to qualify for wholesale**

To place a wholesale order, you must be an approved retailer and meet mimimum purchase of $150. 


We often get asked, "Do you have anything that will make my kid WANT to take a bath?" We are answering that question with a resounding YES!

What kid doesn't love a fresh box of crayons? Didn't you love opening that fresh box of 64 colors with the sharpener built right into the box? That is pure bliss to a child that loves to draw. We have taken that same concept and moved it to your bathtub. Our Box of Crayons Bath Bomb can be used all at once or separately. Each piece is scented with the yummy fragrance of fresh baked peanut butter cookies. 

Wholesale Box of Crayons Bath Bomb

  • Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (a safe and sulfate free surfactant derived from coconuts), Grapeseed Oil, Pthalate Free Fragrance, Skin Safe Colorant

  • Place entire bomb in the bathtub and let it disolve. Take care when standing in the bathtub as it can be slippery.

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